Lost Mines and After

What is Going On?

A synopsis

Iarno Albrecht

A.K.A. Glasstaff.  Once an agent to the Lord's Alliance, became disillusioned from not receiving the accolades he felt he deserved to get.  Used his knowledge and resources within the [[Lord's Alliance]] to reach out and contact Nezznar, the Black Spider.


A Drow elf whose goal was to find and control the magical properties of Wave Echo Cave.  Orchestrated Glasstaff's control over the Redbrands, in an attempt to control the budding frontier town of Phandalin.  Found to have various reports on a delegation of nobles and important people from Mirabar that were going to travel to areas in the Dessarin Valley and then onto Waterdeep.  These notes and a series of correspondences to a figure by the name of Hellenrae indicated that Nezznar was subservient to Hellenrae.  A strange brass painted mask was found in Nezznar's belongings, the mask only had eye slits and a mouth slit and was designed to mask all other features of the face.



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