Lost Mines and After

The Road to Phandalin

The Contract

The party, strangers to one another, met Gundren Rockseeker at the Green Dragon Inn where he informed them that he was going to precede the party to Phandalin with a friend and veteran, Sildar Halwinter.  Gundren offered to pay each of the party members 10 gold pieces once they delivered his wagon of goods to Barthen's Provisions, in Phandalin.  Gundren said that the proprietor had been instructed to pay each of the individuals once the good had been delivered and that Gundren may not be in town to receive them.  Gundren seemed excited and wistful to get on his way and rejoin his brothers who he claimed that they believed that they had relocated some lost mines that were rich in minerals.  The wagon was being loaded up that day and would be ready to begin its journey in the morning.  Gundren and Sildar, Gundren shared, would leave after the meeting completed.

Trouble on the Road


  • Party encountered two dead horses on the road that had recently been slain by black feathered arrows.  
  • Party moved in to investigate and were ambushed by a number of goblins armed with short swords and short bows.
  • Party finished off 3 of the goblins and chased down a fourth who was trying to escape down a warn down foot path.
  • Investigating the dead horses, Oskar recognized the Rockseeker crest on one of the harnesses the dead horses were still wearing.
  • Following some very scant goblin tracks, the party left the wagon and its oxen near the entrance of this foot trail and followed them hoping to find and/or rescue Gundren.

Cragmaw Hideout

The trail led to an opening in a small cliff side where a small stream was exiting.  As the party crept closer, they noticed 2 goblins behind a makeshift blind lazying the day away.  The party charged in, killing one of the Goblins and subduing the second.  Oskar Thunderclap and Arrow, both speaking goblin, moved forward to interrogate their prisoner.

The goblin's name was Gif, and though he suffered through some rough hands of the party spat out all the information that he knew to save his skin.  The party found out that the goblin king, King Grol, had ordered Klarg, the leader of Gif and the other goblins, to capture a Dwarf by the name Gundren Rockseeker and to send him and all of his belongings back to King Grol.  When asked how many goblins lived in the cave, Gif answered lots and lots more, looking confusedly at his hands.  The only other bit of real knowledge that the party managed to get from Gif was not to enter into the water.  Not knowing what to do with that information, the party tied up Gif and made sure he couldn't get away.

They crept into the cave, hearing the sound of growling and the occasional bark.  Easing their way in, they found a side passage that had 3 large wolves chained to a stalagmite who immediately began lunging at the party.  Afraid of the noise alerting the goblins, the party moved in quickly to quiet the wolves and after a few wounds managed to silence the animals without, apparently, drawing attention from the goblins.

The stream of water seemed to follow the main passage further into the cave, it rounded a bend to the right end out of site since the party did not want to use torches to light the darkness.  Inside the kennel room, a small thin passage way led up a steep climb where a flickering of torch or fire light could be seen.  The light was not enough to shine into the kennel so Otadek decided to investigate and see what lay above.

Otadek deftly climbed up the steep embankment and entered into a room where a camp fire lit the room dimly.  He saw a huge figure of a very hairy goblin lounging on a pallet and two smaller goblins where muttering to themselves near a fire where they roasted something that smelled of meat.  Signalling Thorwyn to follow, Otadek moved himself into a hidden cubby to try and take these goblins unawares.

Unfortuantely, Otadek was not used to having to work with armored companions.  Thorwyn's armor made it difficult for her to climb the steep embankment, even with the assistance of the rope and keep her armor from sliding across the many rock projectiles within the thin escarpment.  

The noise woke up the large goblin's wolf, who sprang up, barked and charged into the darkness.    The large goblin, which Otadek and Thorwyn took to be Klarg at this time, roared, "Intrudors!" in goblin and followed his 2 lackeys and his wolf to attack Otadek and Thorwyn.  Otadek took a heavy blow from the wolf, dropping him unconscious while Thorwyn was faced with a hard decision; she could face overwhelming odds after watching Otadek fall to the wolf's first blow or she could retreat and get the hell out of the cave.  Thorwyn chose the later and threw herself down the steep climb, gaining many bruises and cuts for her efforts.

The sound of alarm filled the cave, many chitters of excitement and anger could be heard echoing through the stone walls and the party was faced with fighting goblins who knew the terrain and could fight without the assistance of light.  The party fought hard, and decided to escape out the cave's entrance once Thorwyn cried out that Otadek had fallen.  A surge of water came down the cavern knocking a few party members off of their footing and making the wet rock of the caves surface even more hazardous.   Escaping to the outside of the cave, the party regrouped near the blind where they found Gif furiously working to sever his bonds against a sharp rock.  Once the party's shadow descended over Gif, he looked up sheepishly and then moved his bonded hands away from the rock giving a meek, and toothy smile.  The meaning was apparent, but the chiseled teeth of the goblin took away some of the sentiment that Gif may have been trying to impart to the party.

Klarg and several goblins charged out of the cave.  The party attacked and through magic and arms finally killed Klarg who turned out to be a large and burly bugbear, a relative of the goblin family.  Having killed the goblin's leader, the party felt more confident and decided to try and go back into the cave to retrieve Otadek.  

Unfortunately, once the party reentered the cave, they ran into more goblins who attacked them.  Jhereg attempted to parlay with the goblins, claiming that they had killed Klarg and were powerful warriors, but the goblin that the party was talking to, in common, was Yeemeek, a goblin who apparently took Klarg's passing as a promotion.  When the party tried to push to have Yeemeek's prisoner released, Yeemeek became angry and called out for his goblin minions to attack.

The party's luck ran out, all fell to various goblin blows as the party tried to use the kennel's room to their advantage.  Only Arrow had managed to elude capture, having climbed up through the thin escarpment and hiding in the shadows of Klarg's room.  When things had quieted down, Arrow escaped out of the cave hoping to make his way back to Phandalin and get help and return to save his companions, or at least bury their remains.

The Green Dragon Inn
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Otadek the Friendly runs into Eddy the Shark, a two bit hustler who had previously managed to sell Otadek some costume jewelry for real gold.  Eddy was gambling at a table with a couple of commoners and raking in piles of coins. Otadek decided that he'd press Eddy and show the commoners the kind of person Eddy was.  A brief exchange, some heated words, and a fight broke out, pulling in two of Eddy's associates who were sitting away from Eddy's game.  

Seeing the odds of the brawl not being fair, Oskar Thunderclap joined in to keep the ruffians from making the fight unfair.  After the brief skirmish was over, Eddy attempted to run out of the tavern, followed by Otadek to struck him in the back with his sword, knocking Eddy out.  Taking a few moments to reach into Eddy's jerkin, he pulled out a pendant that proved he was a member of a criminal organization.  Feeling that this would embarass Eddy enough, Otadek left Eddy face down in the mud of the street and returned to meet with Gundren Rockseeker, an employer who was looking to hire men to escort a wagon of provisions out of town.


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