Lost Mines and After

Of Barracks and Redbrands

Redbrand Hideout Part 2

From the cavernous room where the party encountered the Nothic, it was decided to explore the southwestern passage that led to the west. Gif was nervous as the party began descending the hallway and the stairs and the small goblin continued to mutter about ‘big goblins’ as the party continued.

At the bottom of the stairs the party could hear mutterings and laughter coming from a southern door where the hallway then turned to the north. To the north, the hallway only extended another 20 ft. or so before another door was seen, closed.

Bracing themselves for combat the party shoved open the door and attempted to surprise the 3 bugbears that were sitting on messy pallets therein laughing at a pathetic goblin who seemed to be prostrating himself to the amusement of his beefy superiors.

In the life of an adventurer where life and death events blur together, so too did the details of this encounter blur with the many other combats that the party members had taken a roll in. Arrows were shot (often missing their target and finding purchase in the various wooden beams that supported the walls and ceiling of the room), magic was thrown about, swords and axes swished (sometimes even hitting their targets), and the brutal attentions of the bugbears felt as their morning stars smashed heavily into the party.

The bugbears where felled, the goblin sycophant was captured, and enough noise was made to alert anyone who had been close by to what was actually happening. Gif lorded himself over the newly captured goblin, Droop and the party witnessed how a goblin hierarchy was established (primarily by beating and berating a lesser goblin into submission, accentuated with cries of “BurrNor” and pointing to Oskar who was impressed by Gif’s evangelicalizism).

The door to the north opened and the party was forced to divide their attentions between clearing the bugbear quarters and dealing with angry Redbrands. Combat continued and ended when one of the Redbrands managed to disengage himself from combat and withdraw through a door to the north. The party found themselves severely wounded and short of healing spells while inside a room that seemed to be a lounge for the Redbrands as evidenced by the gaming cards and dice that were strewn over the tables. Other barrels and crates littered the room indicating that they may have once been a part of a merchant shipment but with the alarm undoubtedly being spread, the party decided to quickly kill any unconscious Redbrands and extricate themselves from the Redbrand hideout.

Alderleaf Farm



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