Otadek the Friendly

A grizzled and hardbitten survivor of the Neverwinter salt mines.


DESCRIPTION: Old, narrow eyed, scarred face. Missing part of an ear.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Shrewd survivor. Grizzled, hard-bitten, scarred, oily. Always calm, no matter what the situation. Never raises voice or nor lets emotions control him. Would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.

FLAWS: Insults can be provoke him to vengeful violence.

VICES: Soup, namely the cream variety.

CRIMINAL SPECIALTY: Fence. Affiliated with the Zhentarim Faction.


IDEALS: Survival. Refuses to despair. Law of the Street (Strength but no excessive violence).

STORY: My story is of a hardened man whose ruthless action threatens the gentleness his yearns for.

BACKGROUND: Otadek was sentenced to hard labor for a crime that he committed. Once in this labor camp one of the gangs within the compound reached out and offered him protection. In return, he would be expected to assist the gang in their petty motivations which revolved around protecting themselves and ensuring they managed to acquire decent food when possible. Before long, Otadek learned that this petty prison gang was an arm of a larger enterprise run by a shadowy figure on the outside, always referred to as “V”.

It was whispered that V was a member of an organization called the Zhentarim. V used this labor camp as a means of recruiting figures to work for him. Most of the people who were recruited were of the tough, street savvy sort, which Otadek fit the profile for. Occasionally word would be passed down that certain individuals were to be afforded his protection for reasons only later pieced together. Often these individuals were artisans or skilled individuals that did not fit in with the rough neck style of environment that the labor camp fed off of. Many of these artisans were forgers or jewelers and even educated men who claimed to have mercantile backgrounds. You were ordered to protect these people - especially their hands - until bribes could be paid to have them released in prison and, presumably, into the service of V.

Now out of prison, Otadek has gone into business for himself as an “independent contractor” within the Zhentarim.

Otadek the Friendly

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