Oskar Thunderclap

Overly optimistic dwarf


Devout cleric of the goddess Berronar Truesilver (bair-oh-nahr troo-sill-vur), an intermediate deity in the dwarven pantheon. Oskar is the only known male priest of the clergy. He has taken his mission of converting the malcontent and has set forth as an adventurer in the service of the goddess to spread her praises.

Personality: Optimistic to an annoying degree. He always seems positive no matter the situation. His tone may come across sarcastic, however, this stems from his dwarven heritage and upbringing in the temple as well as his social awkwardness.

Also, his continued praises of the goddess can drive even the most devote clergy of his order to madness. While not speaking of the goddess, Oskar has trouble finding his words or expressing himself.

He has a fondness of honey and spiced meads and never hesitates to order a pitcher at every tavern or inn he visits regardless of it’s level of hospitality.

Appearance: Young ginger stout dwarf of braided locks and beard.


Clan: (of Clan) Bucklebar

Brief History: (further details/edits to be completed as the campaign progresses)

Oskar is the 3rd child of a “disreputable” family of mercantile mountain dwarves of The North. Oskar was sent to the order of Berronar Truesilver’s high temple at a young age in recompense for a clan transgression against its clergy. Despite serious misgivings and objections within the priesthood, Oskar was brought into the order and taught the rituals of Berronar.

Oskar’s days as a young acolyte were fraught with awkwardness and personal embarrassments. At times, mostly under the spell of heavy drinking of sweet honey ale, will Oskar openly mull over these harrowing accounts.

Since the priestess had little use of a male cleric, upon completion of Oskar’s studies he was assigned the sacred mission of converting the malcontent that have forever been cast from the light of Berronar, or as Oskar interprets it , namely converting the goblinoid folk. This righteous endeavor has never been bestowed, nor ever soon will be, to a member of his order. Many of Oskar’s nonconventional lessons such as the languages of goblin and orc were taught to equip him for this undertaking.

Oskar openly praises Berronar Truesilver to all within earshot and makes extraordinary strives to fulfil his holy mission. At times, he is called upon his priestly order or his clan to complete errands that are judged necessary for his attention. He takes on these tasks with always a positive attitude, deeming them as merely a small part of the greater journey of his mission.

Of the goddess Berronar Truesilver

Berronar Truesilver is known as The Revered Mother or the Mother of Safety. The children of Moradin are shaped on the Soul Forge and ever warmed by the embrace of the Revered Mother. General principles of those that follow Berronar are to: Tend the hearth and home, drawing strength and safety from truth, tradition, and the rule of law. Join with friends, kin, and clan in common purpose. Do not succumb to the misery of greed or the evils of strife, but always bring hope, health, and cheer to those in need. Children must be cherished and guarded well from harm, for they are the future of all dwarvenkind.

Once an oath is made, Berronar watches over its keeping—to break it is to grieve her sorely. She also governs marriages and partnerships, her symbol reflected in the dwarven tradition of exchanging rings with those for whom they feel deep trust and love.

Berronar often sends an avatar to defend threatened dwarven clans, especially small clans threatened by events beyond their control. Her omens are suggestion effects to her priests or illusions which dissolve to reveal a truth (a revealed area, an item of symbolic meaning, etc.).

Berronar’s Avatar: Berronar’s avatar appears as a powerful female dwarf with a beard braided into four rows, wearing chain mail.

Duties of the Priesthood: Berronar’s priests are guardians and protectors of dwarven clans, and maintain lore-records and family histories. They must also heal sick and injured dwarves and those in need. The goddesses priesthood are all female, with the lone exception of Oskar.

Thunderclap Family Lineage

  • Notable clan elders holding influence over the Thunderclap brood noted below family tree.

CLAN BUCKLEBAR ruling clan with Clan Bouldershoulder holding certain seats of influence. Clans McKnuckles and Thunderclap are minor families having little to no influence in clan policies. The Thunderclaps are gossiped as “low dwarves” having unscrupulous mercantile qualities.

Oskar’s Family

Bilni Thunderclap: Oskar’s father, son of Fimil and Bila. Patriarch of the Thunderclap Clan and “respectable” business dwarf. Ginger, with shaggy hair that clumsily hangs over his fat cheeks. There’s something inexplicable about him, perhaps it’s his presence or perhaps it’s simply his girth. Nonetheless, folk tend to be captivated by him, all while at the same time trying to avoid him. Bilni is a fast-talker and an exceptional sales dwarf that few can refuse. His marriage to Munzadi is a boon for the Thunderclap brood, many whispering she was bewitched by foul magiks, however, it was Bilni’s odd charm that won over her affection. His love for his wife is without question and truly wishes the best for his children, although he is always open to an opportunity of profiting from these relationships.

Munzadi Bouldershoulder: Oskar’s mother, Munzadi’s family are 2nd cousins to the main Bouldershoulder clan. Her marriage to Bilni Thunderclap is a stain on Bouldershoulder prestige, something that she is not ashamed. She has piercing hazel eyes and the regal demeanor of her Bouldershoulder ancestors. Munzadi fiercely defends her Thunderclap family and commands respect when she speaks. The Thunderclaps have gained a bit of prestige by her presence as she continues to strive to increase the clans respectability for her children.

Bilni the Minor: Arrogant, bullheaded and foulmouthed are just a few of the more positive attributes of Bilni the Minor, Oskar’s older brother, who manages the day to day operations of the Thunderclap enterprise. Some say he encompasses the best and the very worst that a paring between Bouldershoulder and Thunderclap can spawn. He is always seeking a means to increase his advantage against his competitors, who he treats as hated adversaries, and isn’t against dodgy practices that he employs his sister Dorria to undertake. Bilni the Minor has been working on creating inroads with his grandfather Norund in hopes to garner a long term business paring with the greater Bucklebar Clan. One such example was Oskar’s consignment to the Temple of Berronar Truesilver. However, Bilni believes he is simply being used by the more powerful clans and he is starting to become irritated by their lack of respect.

Dorria Thunderclap: Oskar’s older sister, the “black sheep” and strong arm of the Thunderclap brood. She is an aspiring officer in the local chapter of a guild of cutthroats hailing from Waterdeep. Her hollow black eyes, set a-symmetrically within their sockets, appear menacingly to all those she engages and a scare from a dagger stretching from just under the right eye, running across the nose and ending on her right nostril leaves a memory of a now dead ex-lover. Unlike her brash brother, Bilni the Minor, she is cunning and wise, tactically using her contacts and resources to her greatest advantage. Those in the know say Dorria is the true power behind the Thunderclaps, however, her ambition seems to be more than simply running the family business.

During an arrangement between her brother Bilni the Minor and her grandfather Norund, she was to become an acolyte of the goddess Berronar Truesilver in payment for a slight provoked by Clan Bucklebar against the temple’s clergy. Dorria devised the details of the transaction, with the help of her contacts, to be purposely ambiguous “consigning a child of Bilni and Munzadi to fulfil the post ”. Since the temple only accepted women it was implied Dorria would be the candidate. Once everything was finalized and agreed upon, it was Oskar who was to become the acolyte. Although embarrassing for Clan Bucklebar, the further snub towards the Temple was evident when High Priestess Brokka could not refuse Oskar’s appointment.

Norund Bouldershoulder: Oskar’s grandfather on his mother’s side, controls a very successful trading company that covers the entirety of the Sword Coast. He married Storunni Bucklebar (her mother is 4th cousin to the main ruling clan) achieving him entree to the Bucklebar Clan and resources that he would otherwise never have access. His anger over his only child Munzadi’s marriage into the Thunderclaps is well-known and he has all but disowned his daughter for eloping with that fat red headed merchant pig Bilni. He is outright enraged with Bilni the Minor for his ruse in swapping his sister Dorria’s agreed appointment to the Temple of Berronar Truesilver with his idiot younger brother Oskar. This swap has cause serious embarrassment for Norund with the greater Bucklebar Clan, full repercussions for which have yet to occur.

Storunni Bucklebar: Oskar’s grandmother and dwarven socialite. Storunni spends a significant amount of time attending various fashionable social gatherings of the greater Bucklebar Clan and the aristocratic class. These ties have considerably assisted her husband Norund’s ambitions and business ties.

Fimil Thunderclap and Killa McKnuckles: Oskar’s paternal grandparents and elders of the Thunderclaps. If there was a day that Thunderclap craftsmanship was ever considered of quality befitting the dwarves, that day ended when Fimil and Killa took charge of the enterprise. Killa is rumored to have devised the scheme of outsourcing production to gnomish workshops, lowering the overall production costs and increasing productivity. Although of lesser quality than the more reputable dwarven houses, the cheaper goods bearing the Thunderclap seal were once very popular with human settlers of the North.

Since Fimil’s and Killa’s retirement from the enterprise, demand for Thunderclap goods has considerably waned. Fimil and Killa blame the decline on their son Bilni’s attentions spent more over his plump Bouldershoulder wife than that of the business and their grandson Bilni the Minor’s mismanagement and scheming with his grandfather Norund. They both ponder the thought of whether to involve their granddaughter Dorria and her skullduggery to the business. As for Oskar, they are somewhat confused about the dwarf, always thinking the child was male that is now a priestess of the Temple of Barronar? “These young dwarves nowadays”.

Grizard McKnuckles – Clan Elder: Great grandfather to Oskar, this methuselah of a dwarf claimed linage to the famed dwarven adventurer brothers Duggan and Tred McKnuckles. Gizard is incognizant and is a faint representation of the once proud McKnuckles Clan.

Dwarven Elders of Note

High Priestess Brokka Bouldershoulder [Her Reverend Holiness…of the Temple of Berronar Truesilver]:

Kilkk Bucklebar – Clan Elder and Retired Adventurer: Renowned boisterous adventurer and the hand behind the events that lead to Oskar’s induction to the clergy. Kilkk has retired to The North and travels to many of its Dwarven settlements while passing time at the local pubs recounting his tales of fortune and glory or funding adventuring expeditions.

Though the details of his “transgression” against the clergy of Berronar Truesilver are unclear and is forbidden to be further discussed, Kilkk has limited his recount of the event as “I just had to give the old gal the goose!” He has heard about Oskar’s assignment to the Temple with certain amusement and is pleased to hear that his 4th cousin’s daughter’s grandson has now taken the adventurer’s calling.

Bulo Bucklebar – Bucklebar Clan Elder:

REGARDING THE PARTYin Oskar’s opinion

Gif – “Beloved by Berronar Truesilver”: Loyal goblin companion and convert to Berronar Truesilver. Oskar is impressed by Gif’s devotion to the goddess Berronar Truesilver and has taken the task of civilizing the young goblin. Oskar understands that this is by no means an easy endeavor, however, he sees great potential in Gif. Now that Gif is a “proper” member of the party after the events at Cragmaw Castle, the goblin’s contributions are equal (if not surpassing) some of the other party members.

The Miracle of Phandalin – Oskar’s opinion of Gif became unshakable after The Miracle of Phandalin when Grimaldi, a rather impatient monk, was stabbed in the heart and murdered by a brigand. Prayers by the party were sent to Berronar Truesilver for the resurrected of the monk, however, it was Gif’s words of genuine affection to the goddess that were answered, returning Grimaldi to life.

Oskar continues to chronical the accounts of his goblin companion and convert to Berronar Truesilver to send to the High Priestess.

Thorwyn – “Dual Wielding Beauty”: Although he has only known her for a relatively short period during his adventures in Phandalin, Oskar is becoming somewhat smitten for the human fighter. Her courage and fighting prowess, not to mention her brashness that’s on par with his sister Dorria, are traits he finds familiar in dwarven females.

Arrow – “Kindred Ginger”: The young and ambitious mage has proven a valuable ally. His wise counsel and maturity proves greater than his years.

Partha-Zan – “Dandy Elf”: A new member of the party, this charismatic half-elf warlock seems credible and a worthy edition to the group, however, his flowery speech and winged cat familiar are just a bit on the flamboyant side. Also, Gif’s leering looks towards the warlock’s feline do have Oskar worried. No offense but in the name of the Seldarine how stereotypical elf can one get?

Dookard – “Son of Otadek?”: Another new edition to the party, this young rogue still has yet to fully demonstrate his skills. Oskar and Thorwyn quietly jest that he may in fact be a long lost child of Otadek. Although neither have directly asked about the man’s parentage, Dookard is far more pleasant than the party’s former rogue and he doesn’t seem to have a fancy for soup. However, the thought still remains…

Otadek – “The Unfriendly”: Oskar holds a certain soft spot for the ex-felon as being the first human that he ever truly interacted with upon the start of his sacred mission. The man boasts a certain bravado, however, he seems to miss the mark when attempting his aspirations or intent.

Otadek has decided to remain in Phandalin as the party’s local agent in the rebuilding of the Tresendar Manor, a business partnership between Arrow, Grimaldi, Otadek, Oskar and Thorwyn. Each member contributed funds in either support towards the fledgling settlement or establishing a permanent presence in Phandalin. Each member seems to have their own personal agendas, however, Oskar is confident that the partnership will be fruitful for all. Oskar has already set his sights on the dank prison chamber where Grimaldi was murdered and miraculously resurrected by the light of Berronar Truesilver. Ah, to have a chapel in celebration of the holy site of The Miracle of Phandalin will be spectacular indeed!

Grimaldi – “The Impatient Monk”: Oskar continues to be bewildered by the monk and his contempt towards Gif. After The Miracle of Phandalin one would think he would finally appreciate the good intent of the goblin. Perhaps those stories about meditating monks and monastic living are simply a ruse and all monks are like Grimaldi?

After the rescue of Gundrin’s brother in the Wave Echo Cave, Grimaldi decided to “walk his path” exploring the world alone, however, not before investing in the rebuilding of the Tresendar Manor. A modest monk not interested in material wealth was sure eager to get his hands onto such an investment? Perhaps he only wishes to preserve his name in the chapel dedicated towards the miracle that was blessed upon him?

Jhereg – “Cryptic Druid”: The holy man is somewhat of an enigma to Oskar, however, he has found common ground with the man, namely the destruction of tainted artifacts defiled by evil.

Shortly after returning to Phandalin from the Wave Echo Cave, Jhereg was spotted leaving the settlement heading north into the wilderness. No word of his whereabouts has since been heard. I shall miss the druid.

Oskar Thunderclap

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