A human ginger who fancies himself as a practitioner of magic.


Arrow is a skinny ginger boy with long hair and only the beginning vestiges of facial hair.


Arrow is a former apprentice of the great evoker Mikael Argounova. Mikael came to a bad end, disappearing from the prime material plane as a result of spell research going bad (teleportation and time travel together).

Arrow is the son of Lord Eallair and Lady Eru. He was apprenticed to Mikael at 14 because his parents were estranged and his mother could not control him. (Arrow was into drinking, experimenting with drugs and chasing girls).

Arrow has really blossomed under the tutoring of Mikael. Although devastated by Mikael’s disappearance, Arrow is sure that Mikael is alive on a different plane (and hopes to rescue him someday).

When Mikael was declared dead, the state took his tower and Arrow was out of a job and out of a home. He was left with the clothes on his back, his staff, his spell book, and his adventuring gear. Mikael had left him a letter of encouragement, and Arrow has taken it to heart.

He seeks to build his life and magical practice through a life of adventure and study.


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