Lost Mines and After

The Green Dragon Inn

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Otadek the Friendly runs into Eddy the Shark, a two bit hustler who had previously managed to sell Otadek some costume jewelry for real gold.  Eddy was gambling at a table with a couple of commoners and raking in piles of coins. Otadek decided that he'd press Eddy and show the commoners the kind of person Eddy was.  A brief exchange, some heated words, and a fight broke out, pulling in two of Eddy's associates who were sitting away from Eddy's game.  

Seeing the odds of the brawl not being fair, Oskar Thunderclap joined in to keep the ruffians from making the fight unfair.  After the brief skirmish was over, Eddy attempted to run out of the tavern, followed by Otadek to struck him in the back with his sword, knocking Eddy out.  Taking a few moments to reach into Eddy's jerkin, he pulled out a pendant that proved he was a member of a criminal organization.  Feeling that this would embarass Eddy enough, Otadek left Eddy face down in the mud of the street and returned to meet with Gundren Rockseeker, an employer who was looking to hire men to escort a wagon of provisions out of town.



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