Lost Mines and After

Nezznar, the Black Spider

1. Campsite Downtime
2. Of Tunnels and Krakens
3. First Encounter
4. Nezznar, the Black Spider

Campsite Downtime

The party retreated from Wave Echo Cave after running into the Black Spider’s shock troops. The battle was hard won, and knowing that their presence was likely heard by other denizens of the Cave system, the decision to rest outside of the cave seemed prudent.

Traveling a few miles outside of the cave entrance, the party found a copse of trees that offered some protection against the chillingly cold air that swept down from the Sword Mountains. Arrow took the downtime to read through the magically protected tomes that Mormesk the Undying had kept while the rest of the party nursed their wounds and rested up for the night.

The first tome was essentially a magic primer which included many of Mormesk’s thoughts and insights to the workings of different magical cultures. Some of the material read as a type of stream of consciousness on Mormesk’s part as he postulated different theories as to how different types of magic worked. Alchemy, potion distilation, blood magic, different shamanic rituals that where not related to a religious form of magic were but some of the topics in which Mormesk wrote about. Mormesk intelligence and his insight into magic were impossible to ignore and despite the ravings of the undead spirit that the party had encountered, he was once a very accomplished wizard.

The second tome was more of a journal of sorts where Mormesk’s personality became more apparent. Not only was he a talented wizard, he also had a very high opinion of his self and his intelligence. From his accounts, Mormesk was sought after by the Consortium which ran the production of Wave Echo Cave over 500 years ago. Great detail was given to the negotiation between himself and the representatives of the Consortium and how they met his demands which convinced to move and take up residence within the cave. Mormesk, it must be noted, was one to enjoy the finer things in life and quite a lot of effort was taken to describe the value of different items that he was gifted and paid with. It is towards the end of the journal entries where Mormesk’s frustration about the massive Orc invasion unfolds. At first he mentions the rumors that have reached his ears and he scoffs at the fear mongering of the merchants. As time unfolds and news of different settlements having fallen to the orc incursion, Mormesk’s tone becomes more frustrated and bitter. Even at the end, his confidence about surviving the Orc raid apparent. He claims that the defenders of Wave Echo Cave are much more proficient than the clod-hoppers that the orcs have been dealing with. With the magic that the soldiers here have access to, and Mormesk’s own robust abilities, he is confident that the orcs will be punished and repelled should they try and assault the cave.

The third tome

Of Mazes and Krakens

Reentering the Caves, the party moved to discover what nonsense was used to determine the layout of the mines. Oskar was able to discover that there seemed to be a vein of some type of ore that was being mined and that some of the walls were actually reinforcements that were designed to add support within the



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